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Born in 1961 in Deagu, South Korea.Graduated in philosophy (Kyungpook National University, Deagu,1984), graphics (Hongik University, Seoul, 1989) and textiles,Department of Visual Arts(Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1992).

She has been working as an art director since 1984, and is an author of numerous art curriculum books for children, having been teaching art at a college since 1994. In addition, since 1992, she has been working as an independent artist.

In 1998, Jung Sook Ahn developed the so-called Tensions. These are monochrome works, in which the textile color carriers, stretched over a specially-constructed wooden frame, extend far into the room.
The color surfaces, which are curved convexly and concavely due to the way the material has been stretched,allow the viewer continually new and surprising perspectives as he/she moves around in front of the works. After Ahn stretched the first of these Tensions with industrially-manufactured colored Lycra, she switched to working with oil, or acrylics on canvas in 2002, a technique which then lent the surfaces a more sensitive, less artificial character.

In 2002 and 2003, she worked in Miami for several months where, for the first time, she began experimenting with multi-part combinations of her works, in which the basic structure of her Tensions were imbued withmore complexity. Ahn views her work as an artist as one area of a holistic approach, in which all of her numerous creative and pedagogical activities deserve equal esteem. Heavily influenced by the confrontation with Buddhist philosophy and religion, she views the development of creative potential as an importantcontribution to social integration.

Her Tensions question the opposites of line and circle, space and surface, painting andsculpture, art and handicraft and thus, without transporting concrete contents, they may be understood as models of an integrative view of life – including social and ecological concerns. It follows logically that Ahn’s artistic goal is to found her own center for art education. – Lives in Seoul, Korea.

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